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Security Systems 

 WW Electronics can offer a wide range of security controls for your buildings needs. We can offer services, maintenance, additions to existing equipment, and new installations. The select list of products are only a few that we can provide. For a more detailed need please contact us for a brief overview of what we can offer you today.

CCTV & Security Systems

VideoEdge Go Mobile App

VideoEdge Go is a full-featured video surveillance app for mobile

 iOS mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. VideoEdge

 Go enables you to do investigations of both live and recorded video, as

 well as extract images or video clips, quickly and easily. Extend your

 security reach using this mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

VideoEdge Network Video Recorders (NVR)

The VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) allows you to manage your entire

 IP video system quickly and easily and can be customized to meet your specific

 security needs. Learn more about VideoEdge NVR.


VideoEdge Hybrid

The VideoEdge Hybrid is a powerful, high-performance recorder designed

to record and manages video from standard analog and IP cameras in

addition to high-definition and megapixel IP cameras. VideoEdge Hybrid

is compatible with both 4:3 and HD 16:9 aspect ratio video formats. Available

 in three form factors, VideoEdge Hybrid is designed to provide all the

 operations you require, including video streaming, audio, and motion smart

-search. With embedded video analytics, dynamic bandwidth management,

health monitoring, easy installation and mobile app, this high-performance

 recorder is fully integrated with either the VideoEdge embedded client, or

 the victor unified client, protecting both your analog and IP investments.