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Total Coverage
Complete life and property protection for fire, burglary, opening and closing schedules, elevator monitoring, medical emergencies, temperature sensitive alarms, power failure and more.

Whether you are installing an eLAN Panel system or want to keep your existing system but gain better access and control over risk management, the Central Station services couldn’t be more complete – or easy – for you and your customers. When you’re in the driver’s seat of a state-of-the-art, UL-listed Central Station, you have:

• Immediate Access – No waiting on hold for customer information; no form faxing. You get complete customer information when you need it: right away.

Total Information – Everything that is related to your accounts – signal reports, service and inspection histories, scheduling… In short: every piece of essential information. Regardless of whether they have one location or 1,000, you will have total “need to know” access.

•Complete, Easy-To-Find Signal Processing and Site Histories – No more hunting through mounds of paper for essential information. All customer reports for every system detail are stored for easy access, anytime. Service and inspection histories; signal processing histories for:

•Elevator monitoring
•Opening and closing signals
•Valve tampers
•Emergency and panic alarms

Expert, Friendly Customer Service – The licensed and trained Central Station technicians know what you want: Information in a fast and courteous manner. There’s no waiting; no middleman.

The UL-listed Central Station service lets you forget about all the problems you may have experienced with old line central stations and puts you in control.  With Central Station monitoring from WW, you have complete control with real-time access to your burglar alarms, open and close reports, fire alarm systems, elevator monitoring, process monitoring and more.

The state-of-the-art Central Station is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with licensed technicians.

With WW, there is a difference between mediocre, me-too service and quality customer service. Experience the difference WW will deliver for you.

WW Electronics Solutions offers Monitoring solutions to all of our customers 


4+1Sescoa Super Speed
4+2Ademco high Speed
Ademco ExpressSilent knight FSKI
SIA-8Silent knight FSKI 2
Contact IDITI
Modem IIAnd others.

Advanced Event Management & Monitoring Services The First Real Migration for All Monitored Systems

No matter what kind of legacy systems you have, WW does more than simply monitor them.  The UL-listed Central Station delivers the information to you any place in the world.

Regardless of the manufacturer, as long as a panel reports to an industry standard digital alarm communications receiver, WW is capable of “translating” that panel’s communications data and providing full information to you anytime, anywhere.

Instead of simply sending isolated, system-by-system signals to a receiver, WW adds a panel-specific dialer to the digital receiver, which communicates with the monitoring center.

Complete Format Compatibility
No matter what your systems’ transmission formats, WW provides complete compatibility. Transmission formats we currently monitor include: